Track Of The Day - Lola Colt - Driving Mr Johnny

Track Of The Day - @Lola_Colt - ‘Driving Mr Johnny’ #damngoodcoffee #damngoodtunes

Lola Colt return with a new tune that demonstrates their trademark mix of striking psychedelia and dusty spaghetti western stylings as if re-imagined by David Lynch.  ‘Driving Mr Johnny’ is another enticing track from their debut album ‘Away From the Water’ and is a brooding slice of dark…

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Track Of The Day - Halsey - ‘Hurricane’

Track Of The Day - Halsey - @halseymusic ‘Hurricane’

Like Lorde, NYC singer Ashley Frangipane AKA Halseyis proving that it is entirely possibly to produce pop music with commercial appeal without being sucked into a vacuum of inanity.  Because in all honesty despite…

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Track Of The Day - September Girls - ‘Veneer’

Track Of The Day - @September_Girls - ‘Veneer’

September may be over but Dublin’s September Girlshave an exciting few months lined up.  They’ve revealed details of the first new material since their fabulous and potential debut album of the year ‘Cursing The…

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Track Of The Day - FURS - ‘An Eye On The Vicious’

Track Of The Day - FURS - @fursfurs ‘An Eye On The Vicious’

Not content with being one the most exciting new bands to emerge in the last few years, London based FURScould also quite conceivably be dubbed ‘most photogenic new band’.  This accolade is further cemented with the…

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Track Of The Day - Riothorse - ‘Rabbit Hole’

Track Of The Day - @Riot_Horse - ‘Rabbit Hole’

This week we’ve already mentioned the use of the musical comparison, and it being attacked as ‘lazy’ (see here)  Personally we find the well judged comparison can be a handy tool to give a rough overview of what one…

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Track Of The Day (2) - Black Honey -‘The Taste’

Track Of The Day (2) - @BLACKHONEYUK -‘The Taste’
So apparently, it’s lazy journalism to compare bands to bands they may take an influence from or whom they sound a little like.  It shows a poverty of imagination?  You reckon?  Really?  We thought lazy journalism…

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Track Of The Day - Cherry Glazerr - ‘Had Ten Dollaz’

Track Of The Day - @cherryglazerr new single ‘Had Ten Dollaz’ on @suicidesqueeze @hedislimanetwit-

As dull pervasive dinner party electronica and flaccid corporate coffee shop pop continues to be popular with many bloggers, DJ’s and ‘tastemakers’ we’ve increasingly sought refuge in something that sounds a little…

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Track Of The Day -Asylums - I’ve Seen Your Face In A Music Magazine

The VPME Podcast - September 2014

The VPME Podcast – September 2014

The latest VPME podcast, features a special PRIMAL SCREAM take over as their bassist Simone Marie joins us to introduce her favourite Primal Scream tracks.

There’s also new music from Flowers, Esben And The Witch, Beach Day, Leave The Planet, The Wytches, The Primitives plus classics from The Breeders, Throwing Muses, Pixies, Xmal Deutschland, Lush, The Cramps and more.  Click the button below…

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Video Of The Week - Marnie - ‘Wolves’

Video Of The Week - Marnie - @marnieofficial ‘Wolves’

Ok we’ve already featured this tune as a track of the day, but here’s the accompanying video from Ladytron singer Marnie for her new single ‘Wolves’.  As you can see Helen’s gone for the blonde bombshell look , and talking of bombshells there could well be a political bombshell in Helen’s homeland of Scotland today as they decide whether to take ownership of their future or leave it in the hands…

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LIVERPOOL Psych Fest Compilation & Spoken Word programme

LIVERPOOL Psych Fest compilation & Spoken Word programme




This year’s Liverpool Psych Fest sees the release of two exclusive vinyl releases – one a 12” compilation to mark the 2014 event, and the other a split 7” single featuring another two artists on this year’s bill, and which also marks the first in a series of split 45s.

PZYK0003 is a beauty of a 12”…

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Track Of The Day - PINS - ‘Come Back’

Track Of The Day - PINS - ‘Come Back’ - @WeArePins

We’ve been a tad reluctant to post cover versions of late, possibly due to the deluge of insipid Lana Del Rey covers that have invaded our inbox over the past few years.  Therefore, we decided if we are to feature a…

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Track Of The Day - Deux Furieuses - ‘Can We Talk About This?

Track Of The Day - @deuxfurieuses - ‘Can We Talk About This?

We’ve never had much truck with those who espouse the view that music and politics should be somehow kept separate, sealed away lest they infect each other.  This is of course utter bollocks, and is often employed as a form of control, a device for stifling debate … let’s face it life is politics.  Female guitar ‘n’ drums duo from London and Glasgow Deux Furieuses  (‘Two Furious’ is the nearest…

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