Video Of The Week - Marnie - ‘Wolves’

Video Of The Week - Marnie - @marnieofficial ‘Wolves’

Ok we’ve already featured this tune as a track of the day, but here’s the accompanying video from Ladytron singer Marnie for her new single ‘Wolves’.  As you can see Helen’s gone for the blonde bombshell look , and talking of bombshells there could well be a political bombshell in Helen’s homeland of Scotland today as they decide whether to take ownership of their future or leave it in the hands…

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LIVERPOOL Psych Fest Compilation & Spoken Word programme

LIVERPOOL Psych Fest compilation & Spoken Word programme




This year’s Liverpool Psych Fest sees the release of two exclusive vinyl releases – one a 12” compilation to mark the 2014 event, and the other a split 7” single featuring another two artists on this year’s bill, and which also marks the first in a series of split 45s.

PZYK0003 is a beauty of a 12”…

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Track Of The Day - PINS - ‘Come Back’

Track Of The Day - PINS - ‘Come Back’ - @WeArePins

We’ve been a tad reluctant to post cover versions of late, possibly due to the deluge of insipid Lana Del Rey covers that have invaded our inbox over the past few years.  Therefore, we decided if we are to feature a…

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Track Of The Day - Deux Furieuses - ‘Can We Talk About This?

Track Of The Day - @deuxfurieuses - ‘Can We Talk About This?

We’ve never had much truck with those who espouse the view that music and politics should be somehow kept separate, sealed away lest they infect each other.  This is of course utter bollocks, and is often employed as a form of control, a device for stifling debate … let’s face it life is politics.  Female guitar ‘n’ drums duo from London and Glasgow Deux Furieuses  (‘Two Furious’ is the nearest…

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Track Of The Day - Rich Girls - ‘Wrong’

#TrackOfTheDay - Rich Girls - @rich_girls - ‘Wrong’

A band who are fans of Iggy Pop, garage rock the Jesus & Mary Chain, reverb and ‘True Detective’?  Well that certainly sound like our cup of tea!  Meet San Francisco based Rich Girls whose sound could be described as darkwave garage Goth.

The band started out as the solo project of singer/songwriter and guitarist Luisa Black who had been living in London, an excellent EP ‘The One I Want’ was…

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Track Of The Day - The Anchoress - ‘Long Year’

Track Of The Day - @The_Anchoress - ‘Long Year’

After the thrilling ‘revenge pop’ of her debut single ‘What Goes Around’ singer songwriter and multi instrumentalist Catherine Anne Davies emerges once more as “The Anchoress” with the first track from her forthcoming ‘One For Sorrow EP’

‘Long Year’ is a slow-burning, slinky, sophisticated helping of brooding pop noir, highlighting a fabulously seductive narcotic vocal which prowls and curls…

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"Devo Max" you say ?  #indyref  #scotland #bettertogether #voteyes 

"Devo Max" you say ?  #indyref   #bettertogether #voteyes 

Track Of The Day (2) - Marnie - ‘Wolves’

Track Of The Day (2) - Marnie - @marnieofficial ‘Wolves’

Photo Credit – Lisa Devine –

‘Wolves’ is the first new tune to emerge from (Helen) Marine’s second solo album, which is due for release at some point in 2015.  Her critically acclaimed debut album ‘Crystal World’ demonstrated her ability to write songs of depth and honesty, to shed the entrancing beauty of her imperious Ladytron personae and reveal a more…

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Tracks Of The Day - The Debutantes - EP

Tracks Of The Day - The Debutantes - EP @thedebutantes @softpowerrr  Records

Is it the melody, the reverb, the boy/girl vocals, the fuzzy guitar rush?  Is it perhaps the growling bass line, the driving percussion or the fact that lead singer and guitarist Leon Butler is joined by two of our favourite ladies from September Girls, Paula Cullen on bass/vocals and Sarah Grimes on drums, that makes The Debutantes debut EP such an enjoyable experience ?

The truth is it’s a…

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Track Of The Day - Bed. - ‘Wayward’

Track Of The Day - Bed. - ‘Wayward’ @thisisbed

“Yes, ‘Bed.’  is the least googleable band.  Officially, I think” says Alex Haager when we made contact after falling under the spell of their latest singe ‘Wayward’.  With gritty chiming guitars reminiscent of The Breeders, it also has that disorientating Throwing Muses style of changing pace and rhythm within a song.

Melodic, buoyant and ever so slightly unhinged it’s left field grungepop at…

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VPME Meets - Flowers - Interview

VPME Meets - Flowers @flowersdomusic - Interview @kaninerecords @fortunapop

A few months back we may have mentioned London trio Flowersin the same breath as “C86,” cleverly deploying one of music journalism’s myriad of clichés – the careless, ill-conceived comparison. It’s almost a given that any music with even the vaguest whiff of guitar jangle is now stamped “C86.”  That would have been before we…

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Tracks Of The Day - Beach Day - ‘BFF’s’ ‘Don’t Call Me On The Phone’ and ‘All My Friends Were Punks’

Tracks Of The Day - @beachdayband Beach Day ‘BFF’s’ ‘Don’t Call Me On The Phone’ and ‘All My Friends Were Punks’ @kaninerecords

Not one, not two, but THREE “tracks of the day” from Beach Day‘s wonderful second album ‘Native Echoes’ which sees Kimmy Drake (guitars/vocals,) and Skyler Black (drums) expand on the 60’s garage soul sound of their 2012 debut ‘Trip Trap Attack’.  ‘Native Echoes’  was produced by Detroit garage-rock pioneer Jim Diamond (no not THAT Jim DiamondUK people) and Beach Day prove once more they most…

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Track Of The Day - Night School - ‘Birthday’

Track Of The Day - Night School - ‘Birthday’ @graveface_recs

Imagine if there’d been some sort of rip in the fabric of time and The Shirelles had been influenced by garage rock and shoegaze, in the event of such an unlikely scenario they may well have sounded not dissimilar to California’s Night School.

The band describes their music as “doo-wop garage girl rock” mixing soaring melodies with surging pulsating waves of beautiful noise.  Night Schoolwere…

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Tracks Of The Day VÉRITÉ - ‘Strange Enough’ And ‘Weekend’ (Free Downloads)

Tracks Of The Day VÉRITÉ @Verite - ‘Strange Enough’ And ‘Weekend’

And now a quick visit to planet pop . Now you’ll usually find us recoiling like a vampire trapped in sunlight from artists touted as the next big pop sensation (unless of course it’s us doing the touting ;) ). We don’t particularly agree with the view that this is a golden era for “pop” (as a genre) because we don’t believe The Guardiansets the cultural agenda but we have to confess that there is…

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